Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Voice Your Opinion At Viewpoints

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Review-Report-Share Your Opinion

Your either someone who enjoys sharing your take on a particular product, service or experience OR you like to get the inside scope of a particular product, service or someones opinion of an experience before you purchase or try a new activity. is the place to go to find out the real deal.

In order to use Viewpoints you need to register. Once you register you will be able to write a review or leave a comment.

Viewpoints earns it's money from paid advertisements on their website.

To learn how the website works take the time to browse around, leave a comment or you can contact the person who wrote the review by leaving a comment on the persons profile. All comments are public unless the recipient mark comments to be private. Private comments are only visible to the person you are leaving a comment for.

When you write a review you are asked to create I Am Tags. I Am Tags are used as filters. Using the I Am Tags help you find a specific review. Let me explain. Say you want to find a review written about computers but you want to read a review about Dell Computers specifically. When someone writes about Dell Computers they add the I Am Tags so when you do a search on Dell Computers that is exactly what you will get. If the I Am Tags are not used you would get a list of everything computers and that is a waist of time. You want to find what your looking for as quickly as possible.

Do all of the reviews need to be positive? No, you can write to share with Viewpoints members whether you like or dislike a product or service.

Can I write more than one review about the same product or service? No but you can edit to update the review you wrote at any time.

Can I embed link in my reviews? It's against Viewpoints to embed external links to your reviews but you can embed links from other reviews from the Viewpoint website.

Can I post my reviews to other websites? Original content is always best (we Hubbers understand that) because search engines will divide the reviews traffic because of a review being so similar. Viewpoints suggests that you change at least half of the review you copy to paste and create a new title.

There are two types of reviews you can write. Review and Quick Review.
A review requires a sound bite, star rating, I Am Tags and must be 500 characters or more of text. Writing reviews are for sharing detailed rundown of your opinion or experience. The more reviews you write the higher your status will be.

A quick review are simple star ratings and a short sound bite. Quick reviews let you add a meaningful blurb and rating without extra details. Creating quick reviews don't count toward your writer status.
The best part is the Viewpoints V.I.P. Program.

The V.I.P. program stands for Very Important People with Very Important Perspectives.

Viewpoints recognizes members for their contributions. You earn points for uploading a profile picture, writing a review and gaining fans (followers). All the points you earn are added up to create an overall point total and your point total determines your status within the Viewpoints Community and let members know you are a true active member.

5 Status Levels
CONTRIBUTOR: 3,000-3,999
REVIEWER: 4,000-5,999
WRITER: 6,000-14,999
ADVISOR: 15,000-49,000
V.I.P: 50,000 Plus
Here is a list to learn how to earn points:
Registering as a member 1,500
Uploading a profile photo 500
Writing your first review 500
Writing additional reviews 50
Bonus 100
Reads 25
Fans 25
Daily visits 10
Receiving helpful votes 10
Posting a Forum 10
Joining a Forum 10

If you happen to reach the Writer Level, you will become eligible to apply for a writing position. Reaching the Writer Level may give you the opportunity to earn incentives for your contributions. 

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